Compliance for Performance

Staying ahead of the game has never been more important. Air Installer adheres to Bing and Google compliance requirements, while our in-house compliance team works to ensure that your site receives the highest ranking possible. We work with you to keep your campaigns on the right path.

Here's exactly what you get:

Installer technology that’s fully compliant with Google and Bing policies
Clean, Tier 1 advertisers that provide proper offer screens and full disclosure
A dedicated compliance team with a wealth of knowledge and expertise
Customized offer paths to meet your needs and restrictions
Up-to date AV mitigation solutions
Uninstaller technology


Smart Technology

Our technology was engineered to optimize your search traffic more quickly, so you can earn more. We present the best offers to your users so you can ensure a smooth, seamless installation process. Monetization has never been so easy.

Features that will blow you away:

A PhD developed and maintained algorithm that presents the highest revenue generating offers
The heavy lifting is on us – we host the install, all you do is provide the software
Analytics and tracking in real-time, on a user-friendly interface
Additional tools to ensure you are optimizing in every Geo
Custom HTML5 themes to create a smooth branding experience for every user


Dynamic Live Build Technology

It's easy to set up, and even easier to maintain. Grow your Search campaigns the smart way with our dynamic PHP or ASP scripts (Live Build Technology) and seamlessly wrap your software in real time, be it 1 software title or 30,000. Typical set up time is 30 minutes or less!

Here’s what makes it so easy:

Our specialized Account Management team is here to make your life a little easier by guiding you through our software, and optimizing each campaign strategically. No exceptions.
Leverage our direct-to-advertiser relationships, increase your ROI and start to scale.


International Scalability

With worldwide monetization, offers in 7 different languages, and customized branding, the world of downloads really is your oyster. We equip you with the tools to simplify implementation using our live bundling technology. Exponential growth isn’t a question, it’s an expectation. Just ask our partners!

Help us help you with:

Fully localized offers and installer themes for French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Japanese and German
Monetization in over 138 countries (and counting
Direct relationships with the top advertisers in every Geo
Additional tools to ensure you are optimizing in every Geo


Customized Creative

Have new software, or just a great idea for a new campaign? We’ll work with you to create the most engaging creative to fit your brand. And hey, why not get it translated in 7 different languages? Our in-house creative team is at your service.

A few features you can look forward to:

Engaging custom design skins, built just for you
Fast turnaround time
Landing page expertise and guidance
Built in split testing capabilities